70th Birthday Bash Pictures

Thanks to Cynthia Wright Byrnes and Ron Snider for these great pictures!

Group Shot, Saturday at the old High School

Group Shot, Sunday at Lincoln Park, next to the Skate Park donated by classmate Marty Kaufman.

Jay Walker, Russ Hamilton, Faye Martin Hill. With J Biggs- Ruth Ann Peak, Cris Ruby Young, next wife of Steve Bosh, and Candy Swartz Demorest  (thanks Cynthia Wright Byrnes!)

John Biggs and his girls... (tell us who, John!)

Paul Huddle and the Huddle-mobile...  Looking Good, Paul! Also pictured are Bill Kelley, Jon Skillman and Jon's wife Katy

John Young, Marcy Bammer, ___, Cindy Burns, ___ (who else?)

Ron Snider and John Hix agreeing on some point...